What is it?

Yellownote works like a sticky note you don't have to carry around with you. Private notes, seen only by you, can remind you of passwords, important dates, or anything else you might need to remember.

Anything you might need to store on a note on your monitor or a whiteboard in your office you can put in Yellownote and have with you wherever you go!

Coming soon: you can also share notes with friends to organize events, keep track of important tasks or share contacts.


  • Organize your notes on multiple pages, and by positioning them on the screen.
  • Store notes with different fonts, colors, and styles.
  • iPhone interface lets you read your notes from anywhere!
  • Export your notes as a YAML file, no platform lock-in!
  • Supports SSL, so your data is secure.

Start using it now:





And it's open source!

Coming soon.